Trouble with tribbles? No, but there is trouble with new Star Trek Series.

trouble star trek canada

Planet 15 reporters have discovered trouble brewing with the new Star Trek series that was originally supposed to debut in January 2017 (this month) but was later postponed to May. Don’t hold your breath on the series premiering on schedule though. According to many of our inside sources there are of several production problems including the firing of the director, producer, and several art directors. And this is just of the tip of the iceberg. According to one of our sources the set department had just finished completing a missile launch tube set that had cost close to one million dollars when the new art director walked in and said “It doesn’t make sense to have manual launch tubes with workers loading torpedoes, so scrap it.”  While we here at Planet 15 agree with the art director on this the cost of this new series must be going through the roof and with the delays we don’t expect to the show to air anytime soon. 

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