Here are some snaps from our crews short film

A few months ago we shot a short film to get our cast and crew into the production.  This short was called “Vixens of the Wasteland”, it was written, shot and edited in 48 hours.  Yes that’s right, 2 days with only 6 people,  that was the entire cast and crew.  This short isn’t based on the Planet 15 world, but you will be seeing some of these faces in the upcoming show.  Here are a few snaps from the shoot, will post the video again shortly.


Vixens ready for battle! sci-fi, science fiction, margarin

Vixens ready for battle!


science fiction tv web show series movie toronto sexy

Vixens in the underground lair


explosion sci-fi tv film movie web series

Vixens blowing stuff up


Zel The Mutant Leader science fiction tv television web series

Zel The Mutant Leader



3 Hour Cut of Dune Now (unofficially) Out!

dune movie David lynch sci-fi sy fy science fiction

David Lynch’s 1984 movie Dune (based on Frank Herbert’s Novel) was probably the most ambitious sci-fi movie ever created, but some fans felt it skipped over some of the finer points of the book.  David Lynch was aware of this (and so were the studio heads) when they created it, as they realize that it would be a 8 hour movie if it included every scene in the book.  So David was under contract to bring the finished film to under 2.5 hours in length.  This disappointed many fans and may also be why 2 previous attempts to translate this movie into film failed before they even shot a frame of footage.  This massive super-cut of David Lynch’s cult-classic is comprised of footage from the original theatrical cut, the extended TV cut, and deleted scenes.  Enjoy and grab your spiced popcorn!







Dune: The Complete Saga from Michael Warren on Vimeo.