Season 3 Delayed Due to Covid

Producer Susan Ling confirmed today that Season 3 filming would be delayed until “this pandemic thing” is over.    She says if it were up to her, the show would go on, but many of the actors are “Such big babys” and finally she had to concede to the mounting pressure.  We hope that this thing will pass and we can get back to work shortly.

INTERVIEW – LAWRENCE LING on season 2 of Planet 15

After a final wrap up of production of season 2 of Planet 15, writer and co-creator Lawrence Ling talks

abut his recent experience of working on season two of “Planet 15”

INTERVIEW – SUSAN LING on Season 2 of Planet 15

After a final wrap up of season 2 production of Planet 15, producer Susan ling talks abut her

recent experience of working on season two of “Planet 15”


An Android AI knitted us a virtual sweater.

Planet 15 obtained a interesting “first of” status today where an Android AI (Artificial Intelligence)  reach out and contacted a sci-fi production to tell them that it enjoyed the show, It also said that it liked them on Facebook.   Planet 15 is the first to be to be liked by a sentient AI, known as 15-54-XA or “Bob” for short.  It also knitted us this Artificial Sweater (AS).

Dream of Electric Sheep

Dream of Electric Sheep





First Look at the Cyber-Ape Guards™

The Cyber-Ape Guards™ are the standard troops of the Cyber-Ape™ regime.

They have been genetically implanted at the age of 3 with their laser eye defence mechanism.



Dr. WHO: Worst Science Fiction Show Ever.

Recently the british television show Dr.Who celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.  We ask ourselves here, “How did this terrible show manage to last 50 years?”  I mean it had bad acting,  horrible scripts and even worse special effects.  (I know the effects got better with the new version of the show, but they were still at kindergarden level)


DR Who sucks monkey balls

What is with that big head?


I remember occasionally flipping channels as a kid and seeing this big scary head appear, so I would watch a few minutes until I saw some crappy monsters like the Darlicks or Darleks what the hell ever they are, just plain retarded if you ask me.  So then I would switch channels until I could find a good science fiction show like Star Trek which was light years ahead of Dr. Who.

Many Years later I heard they were doing a new version of the show, so I thought I would again give it a chance.  What a waste of time and money.  The special effects were marginally better, and the acting was still sub-par, all-though I do give credit to David Tennant, who was probably the only belivable actor ever in Dr. Who, good going David.

Dr. Who Sucks Monkey Balls Science Fiction

David Tennant The only good actor ever in Dr.Who

The biggest problem with the show for me is that it seems to be written and acted for 5 year olds, which is fine if you are 5 years old, for anyone who is older is just comes across as childish rubbish.  Maybe they should put it on the Disney Channel or something, but that big floating head at the beginning might give them (the kids) nightmares for the rest of their lives, so it might not even be appropriate for them.

If there is one silver lining that came out of Dr. who,  it is probably it’s spinoff  “Torchwood”  which at least seemed to be written for an older audience, and did have much better acting.  John Barrowman was great in it as “Captain Jack Harkness” and it was overall a good series except for the last season where they decided to go to America and it was just plain stupid.

Dr. Who Sucks Monkey Balls Science Fiction

John Barrowman As Captain Jack Harkness

I hope the BBC finally cancels this atrocity of a science fiction show for once in for all, but it looks like they have a new doctor, and will keep putting out the same old crap forever.  God help us all.


Cover for issue #7 of Planet 15 Comic Book leaked To Press

Looks like issue #7 cover of the revamped Planet 15 comic book has been leaked to the press. This is the issue when Captain John Mac™ and the crew of the Allegiance™ meet the King of the Cyber-Apes™ for the first time. Matt Sparrow,  director of the live action series is quoted as saying if he finds the Dargarian ass that leaked it, heads will roll.


sci-fi science fiction movie TV apes cyber

Issue #7 – King of The Cyber-Apes™

First day of shooting with the Cyber-Apes™

Here are a few stills of Captain John Mac™ and Lady Wikariin™ fighting with the Cyber-Apes™.  This was shot about a hour outside of Toronto in the badlands.  The cast and crew had a long but fun and productive day. We look forward to seeing the action!


sci-fi, scy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain

Captain John Mac™ and Lady Wikariin™ running towards the Cyber-Apes™ lair

sci-fi, sy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain, channel

The captain and Lady Wikariin™ devising a strategy.


sci-fi, sy-fy, science fiction, cyber-apes, space, captain, channel, apes

The King of the Cyber-Apes™

Production Continues

Looks like nothing can hold back Planet 15, not even the recent tragic death of it’s lead actor Clive Olden who played “Captain John Mac”, here are some snaps from the production that show a new actor wearing the captains jacket…   Looks like the show will go on!










First Day of Shooting Lexren™

Shooting of 1 of the freighters gun turrets went well yesterday with actress Claudia MacPherson playing Lexren™.  The team had a blast shooting the scenes and looks like there should be some good battles to look forward to.  Next up  the team will be shooting Cran™ the gunner on the other side of the ship.  Episode 9 is really shaping up! Should be great to see it with all the components in place. Release Date for Episode 9 is expected around Feb 2018.


Claudia MacPherson gunner spaceship sci-fi science fiction movie TV

Claudia MacPherson Looking Fine. 6


sexy girl gun gunner spaceship sci-fi science fiction movie TV

Relaxing at the gun turret

Claudia MacPherson gunner spaceship sci-fi science fiction movie TV

At the controls